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Sacred Body Art

Transforming Bodies, Changing Lives

Ever wanted to try a new skin?  Explore your relationship with the natural world?  Seek an untapped, untamed song? Dance a dream into being?  Seek a tribal understanding of colour and vibration? Take a shamanic journey? How would it feel to wear another skin? What animals, colours, shapes, gods or goddesses might the world of spirit weave for you?


Dance your transformation.  Feel what you need in your life and, with our help and support, see it woven into being in a magical web of colour, texture and form.


We share our dreams the first evening and get to know each other.  We discover what we can do for each other and have ideas about how to do it.  The sharing circle is a cauldron of inspiration before the morning, when the transformation begins.  We enter a different space, a mode where we all work for the best outcome for each person.  Our photographers take over when artist and living canvas agree that the work is done.  If a person has not seen themselves at stages through painting, an unveiling takes place in front of a mirror.  This can be an amazing moment.  A bewildering moment, as now they no longer recognise who they are… still themselves, yet also something other.  The photographer/s join the dance and we go out into the natural world, to play, shape and give life to the dream.  The photographs are works of art in their own right and we give you a disk of the best for you to keep and recapture at any time the sense of transformation and liberation created through the Sacred Body Art process.  


At the core of the process is a regular group who have worked together for several years, creating and recording the magic through painting, being painted and photographing.


Oh yes, and it’s great fun… the final washing off produces many giggles and some fine photos…


Want to know more? Like to experience the magic?




The project is the concept of Elaine and Neil with the help of Anya. Regular painters include Anya, Greywolf/Philip Shallcrass, Beth, Daru,  Selkie and Elaine. The regular photographers are Elaine, Neil and Greywolf. James guests as a photographer.


First-timer? For further details and booking phone Elaine on 01746 861992

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Body Painting horse
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Body Painting with dandelion
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